We keep breakfast simple around our house. My husband often comments about how “routine” it seems to be with the boys, but it makes it easier for me first thing in the morning and they sure don’t seem to complain.

A typical breakfast now at almost 14 months and since, well for quite a while now is the following:

  • oatmeal + apples + cinnamon
  • cut up banana pieces
  • milk

Steel cut oats are the best as they are not processed as much as rolled ones. I would suggest not using quick cooking oats and you might want to try organic. We sometimes get wild and crazy and do something like oranges or kiwi and may add something like toast. I also will add scrambled eggs and I really love these healthy pancakes with just butter when I have some pre-made.

Even though we are kind of boring with our breakfast, I thought I would share some fun links I’ve found in the past and may try in the future.

Banana Wee-Eat Germ Muffins

Wholesome Toddler Breakfasts

Please share your thoughts and ideas.

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